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The RAD Framework for Ecosystem Management amid Climate Breakdown

Detailed Description

Thumbnail for video "The RAD Framework for Ecosystem Management amid Climate Breakdown." Video is based on the publication "Managing for RADical ecosystem change: applying the Resist-Accept-Direct (FAD) framework," published in Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment (DOI: 10.1002/FEE.2377), a Wiley journal.

Publication authored by: Abigail J Lynch, Laura M Thompson, Erik A Beever, David N Cole, Augustine C Engman, Cat Hawkins Hoffman, Stephen T Jackson, Trevor J Krabbenhoft, David J Lawrence, Douglas Limpinsel, Rover T Magill, Tracy A Melvin, John M Morton, Rover A Newman, J O'Peterson, Mark T Porath, Frank J Rahel, Gregor W Schuurman, Suresh A Sethi, Jennifer L Wilkening.


Public Domain.

Public Domain.