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USGS gages assist Georgia, Alabama and Florida water management efforts

Fayette County Georgia, Water System Director, Lee Pope, discusses water management efforts to alleviate issues downstream.

Video link.

Atlanta News Reporter talks with Fayette County Water System Director
Atlanta News Reporter talks with Fayette County Water System Director(Public domain.)

USGS streamgages provide valuable data that allow local water managers to make informed decisions that improve water-quality and water-quantity for downstream communities. Below is a list of gages sponsored by the Fayette County Water System.

02344280             Camp Creek at Helmer Rd., near Fayetteville, GA

02344327             Morning Creek at Westbridge Rd., near Fayetteville, GA

02344364             Nash Creek at Allenwood Road, near Fayetteville, GA 

02344396             Flint River at Woolsey Road, near Woolsey, GA

02344423             Lake  Horton near Fayetteville, GA

02344424             Lake Horton (Tailrace) near Fayetteville, GA

02344605             Line Creek below GA 54, near Peactree City, GA

02344620             Shoal Creek at GA 54, near Sharpsburg, GA

02344630             Line Creek below Lake McIntosh, near Peachtree City, GA

02344650             Lake Kedron near Peachtree City, GA

02344655             Flat Creek DS of Lake Kedron, near Peachtree City, GA

02344671             Lake Peachtree at Peachtree City, GA

02344673             Flat Creek DS of Lake Peachtree, at Peachtree City, GA

02344724             Whitewater Creek at Eastin Rd., near Fayetteville, GA

02344736             Whitewater Creek at Sherwood Rd., near Fayetteville, GA

02344748             Whitewater Creek (DS of Starrs Mill Dam) near Fayetteville, GA