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November 16, 2022

The Southwest CASC’s Science Applications and Communications Coordinator shares highlights from the 2022 Southwest Adaptation Forum, where researchers and practitioners connected to advance climate adaptation work in the Southwest.

In October of 2022, climate researchers and land managers gathered for the 3rd annual Southwest Adaptation Forum (SWAF) at the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center in Albuquerque, New Mexico to collaborate on regional climate adaptation efforts. Southwest CASC Science Applications and Communications Coordinator, Sarah LeRoy, shared some highlights from the event.  

The Forum began on Indigenous People’s Day with a celebration to honor the many contributions that Indigenous peoples have made to the southwest’s culture, prosperity and governance, allowing the participants to connect with one another and understand each other’s role in advancing climate adaptation. On the second day, the group attended panel sessions where the panelists shared their efforts to incorporate diverse voices and knowledges into their work. These panels were followed by group discussions on relevant issues such as drought, increased wildfire and flood events, and the ecosystem transformations that have occurred as a result. Additionally, there were sessions that introduced the participants to the decision support tools that are available to support the region’s climate adaptation efforts.  

The Forum provided participants an opportunity to discuss how they plan to integrate the strategies that were discussed to overcome the barriers that come with preparing for post-fire flooding and other extreme weather events.