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Brine and gas recovery from geopressured systems

January 1, 1986

A series of parametric calculations was run with the geopressured-geothermal simulator MUSHRM to assess the effects of important formation, fluid and well parameters on brine and gas recovery from geopressured reservoir systems. The specific parameters considered are formation permeability, pore-fluid salinity, temperature and gas content, well radius and location with respect to reservoir boundaries, desired flow rate, and possible shale recharge. It was found that the total brine and gas recovered (as a fraction of the resource in situ) were most sensitive to formation permeability, pore-fluid gas content and shale recharge. ?? 1986.

Citation Information

Publication Year 1986
Title Brine and gas recovery from geopressured systems
Authors S.K. Garg, T.D. Riney, R. H. Wallace
Publication Type Article
Publication Subtype Journal Article
Series Title Geothermics
Index ID 70014556
Record Source USGS Publications Warehouse