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Thermal profiles for reaches of Snee-Oosh and Fornsby Creeks, Swinomish Indian Reservation, northwestern Washington, July 2013

December 18, 2013

Longitudinal profiles of streambed temperatures were measured in approximately 225-m-long reaches of the Snee-Oosh and Fornsby Creeks in the Swinomish Indian Reservation, northwestern Washington, during July 2013, to provide information about areas of groundwater discharge to streams. During summer, groundwater discharge is a source of cold water to streams and typically cools the surface water into which it discharges and buffers diurnal temperature fluctuations. Near-streambed temperatures were averaged over 1-m-long sections of cable during 1-minute periods every 30 minutes for 1-week periods using a fiber-optic distributed temperature sensor positioned on top of the streambed. The position of the fiber-optic cable was surveyed with a Global Positioning System. Stream temperatures and survey data are presented as Microsoft Excel® files consisting of date and time, water temperature, and geographical coordinates.