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Batteries Included Fortran Library (BiF-lib), version 1.0.0

March 16, 2021

Standard Fortran provides limited data type, function, and subroutine support leaving the developer to write custom code for every project. This has lead to every developer having their own internal, homemade, Fortran library for doing common operations. In recognition of this, most newer programming languages incorporate a large set of standard data types and functions that the developer can use and reference. For example, the Python language developers called it a "Batteries Included" because it includes in the language advanced data types, including sets, lists, and dictionaries (hash tables) and common functions, such as sorting routines and random number generation. This Fortran library seeks to emulate many of the advanced features that are a standard part of newer programming languages--hence its name Batteries Included Fortran (BiF). As of now, it is not a complete standard library, but includes many valuable routines for assisting in developing code for numerical models.