Norm Midtlyng

Norm Midtlyng is the Chief of the Helena Field Unit. He is responsible for ensuring that the Helena Field Unit provides timely, high quality, water resources data from a network of over 200 streamflow and groundwater monitoring stations scattered over the western half of Montana. Norm has served in his present role as Field Unit Chief since 2013.


In 1977, Norm began his career as a hydrologic technician doing data collection and data analysis for a geothermal assessment study of Montana’s geothermal features. Later that same year he was selected for a hydrologic technician position in the Helena Field Office. In 1985, Norm was selected for a lead technician position in the International Waters Unit of the Montana District. His duties involved data collection, computation and review of international streamflow records and apportionment of the St. Mary and Milk Rivers to ensure compliance with the Boundary Waters Treaty of 1909 between Great Britain and the United States and the 1921 Order of the International Joint Commission. Norm later served as the Chief of the International Waters Unit from 1996 to 2013.

During his career Norm has served as a charter member of the USGS Surface Water Users Group (SWUG), a group whose role was to oversee USGS time-series software development and testing, and the Surface Water Applications group who developed and tested handheld (PDA) surface-water software applications. He also was a principal member of the Commercial ADAPS Replacement Project (CARP) training team and continues to chair several United States-Canadian transboundary technical working groups.


B.S. Wildlife Biology (Aquatic option), University of Montana, 1976.