Travis L Gibson

USGS Hydrologic Technicians are the backbone of the USGS mission of collecting reliable water data. Meet one of them.


Travis is a senior technician and is currently responsible for the following gaging stations.

Site Number Station Name
10010000 Great Salt Lake at Saltair Boat Harbor, Utah
10010020 Great Salt Lake Breach at Lakeside, Utah
10010025 Great Salt Lake Breach 6 miles E of Lakeside, Utah; S to N Flow
10010060 Bear River Bay Outflow at Causeway Bridge near Warren, Utah
10010100 Great Salt Lake near Saline, Utah
10133800 East Canyon Creek near Jeremy Ranch, Utah
10141000 Weber River near Plain City, Utah
10172630 Goggin Drain near Magna, Utah
41010401112134801 Great Salt Lake Farmington Bay Outflow at Causeway Bridge