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Date published: June 4, 1993

Volcano Watch — Mauna Loa poses most serious threat to South Kona

This week marks the anniversary of one of the largest of Mauna Loa's historic eruptions. On June 1, 1950, the last great eruption of Mauna Loa began just after 9:00 p.m. 

Date published: March 19, 1993

Volcano Watch — 25 years since last Mauna Loa eruption

This Thursday marks the ninth anniversary of the beginning of the last eruption of Mauna Loa Volcano, following a nine-year period of quiescence.

Date published: February 19, 1993

Volcano Watch — Steamer passenger recorded unusual eruption

In February 1877, an unusual eruption occurred on Mauna Loa Volcano. Part of the eruption was submarine, and the eruptive fissure was neither at the summit nor along one of Mauna Loa's well-defined rift zones. 

Date published: February 5, 1993

Volcano Watch — Recent earthquake activity recalls Kapoho eruption

Earthquake activity this past week was considerably reduced from the high levels recorded the previous week. Three earthquakes occurred that had magnitudes greater than 3.0. The first, a magnitude 3.4, occurred on February 2 at 1:24 p.m. beneath the south flank of Kīlauea Volcano.

Date published: January 15, 1993

Volcano Watch — Galeras, Mauna Loa, Decade Volcanoes

On Thursday an explosion in the crater of Galeras Volcano in Colombia killed six volcanologists attending an international workshop attended by more than 90 scientists, and killed an additional three people not attending the workshop.

Date published: January 8, 1993

Volcano Watch — Kīlauea: a youngster among world's active volcanoes

One of the main impediments to predicting the future behavior of Kīlauea and especially Mauna Loa Volcanoes is the short historical record of each volcano. 

Date published: October 2, 1992

Volcano Watch — Next Mauna Loa eruption likely at summit

Over the years, scientists at the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory have developed good techniques for short-term eruption predictions (a few hours to a few days' warning) for Kīlauea and Mauna Loa Volcanoes. However, our capabilities for long-term predictions consist predominantly of educated guesswork. 

Date published: February 7, 1992

Volcano Watch — Mauna Loa comes under military-style surveillance

The internal workings of Mauna Loa Volcano will be probed from space starting this week by a satellite system designed to track military vehicles rather than volcanoes.

Date published: July 6, 1975

Photo and Video Chronology - Mauna Loa - July 6, 1975

Photos from the Mauna Loa 1975 eruption.

Date published: June 2, 1950

Photo and Video Chronology - Mauna Loa - June 2, 1950

Photos from the 1950 eruption of Mauna Loa.