It rained much of the month; now it’s water under the bridge

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The Washington Post — by Martin Weil — September 29, 2018

"After many wet days this month, Saturday in Washington was finally free of precipitation. But much of what had previously fallen placed itself on display.

Much of the rain the region had endured in recent days has been flowing down the swollen Potomac River. At vast volumes, the Potomac flowed toward the Chesapeake Bay Saturday in mute testimony to the record-setting 16 days this month of measurable rainfall in Washington.

The river was high, and brown with topsoil that washed off land and into the brooks and creeks, the streams, runs and rivulets that feed the Potomac over much of its 14,700 square mile basin.

At one point Saturday, more than a million gallons of water a second, far more than normal, flowed past Little Falls, Md., upstream from the District, according to the U.S. Geological Survey. . ."

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