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Newsletters from the USGS.

Newsletter Description
3DEP Lidar Base Spec News

3D Elevation Program lidar base specification news and announcements

Alaska Science Center Newsletter News and research conducted at the Alaska Science Center
California Water Science Center Newsletters Current research projects, latest publications, and other work at the California Water Science Center
Chesapeake Bay Newsletter USGS Chesapeake Bay activities
Earth Science Matters Newsletter Recent research findings from the Climate Research and Development Program
Energy Quarterly The latest Energy Resources Program research, activities, publications, and information resources
GeoHEALTH—USGS Information on new USGS science activities pertinent to safeguarding the health of fish, wildlife, domesticated animals, livestock, and people from environmental exposures to contaminants and pathogens

Great Lakes Science Waves

News and science highlights from Around the Great Lakes
Latest in Landsat Newsletter Current news, uses, tools, and announcements from the Landsat Program
National Digital Trails Newsletter Latest developments, status of the nationwide digital trails dataset, upcoming training, and general announcements from the National Digital Trails Network project 
Pennsylvania Waters Newsletters News from the USGS Pennsylvania Water Science Center
Something Fishy from the Western Fisheries Research Center Quarterly newsletter from the Western Fisheries Research Center
Sound Waves Newsletter

Coastal and marine research news from across the USGS

The Monitor Newsletter Natural hazards news from across the USGS
The National Map Corps Newsletter Quarterly newsletter covers a wide range of topics including tips and tricks on the editing process, fun facts about unusual structures, and volunteer recognition
USGS EcoNews Quarterly newsletter highlights ecosystems science and activities

USGS Firelight

Updates on the latest USGS fire science
USGS Groundwater Newsletter The USGS Groundwater Newsletter includes the latest USGS groundwater news, publications, and highlights from around the Nation. The newsletter is sent directly to your email inbox once a month.
USGS National Hydrography Dataset Newsletter

The latest dataset updates, tips & tricks, upcoming training and meetings, general announcements, and more of the nation's surface water and hydrologic geospatial datasets

USGS Water News

Sign up for the 'USGS Water News' mailing list to receive emails about the latest products from the USGS Water Mission Area. The USGS Water Mission Area works with partners to monitor, assess, conduct targeted research, and deliver information on a wide range of water resources and conditions including streamflow, groundwater, water quality, and water use and availability.

Water Data for the Nation

The United States Geological Survey has provided high-quality water data for decades. Water Data for the Nation displays that data in a discoverable, accessible, and usable format for everyone.
WaterMarks New England WSC Newsletters Water science news from across New England