Photo and Video Chronology - Kīlauea - June 1, 2020

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Virtual flyover of Kīlauea summit

A helicopter overflight provided aerial photographs of Kīlauea caldera on May 29, and these photos were used to construct a 3D model. The water lake is visible as the tan area in the deepest portion of Halema‘uma‘u crater. For scale, the water lake is 270 m (885 ft) long and approximately 600 m (1970 ft) below the western caldera rim. USGS photos by K. Mulliken.

(Public domain.)

Video of Kīlauea summit from May 29 overflight

This wide-angle video was captured during a helicopter overflight on May 29, and skirts the southern border of Halema‘uma‘u crater. The water lake, filling the bottom of the crater, was tan and brown today, and showed no significant changes. USGS video by M. Patrick.

(Public domain.)