Spawning Potential of Female Bull Trout in a River-Reservoir System

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For coldwater species such as bull trout, water temperatures can affect energy reserves for growth, reproduction, or survival. 

USGS and Bureau of Reclamation researchers used a bioenergetics model to evaluate how thermal differences in the river-reservoir system on the Upper Boise River affect energy accumulation and spawning potential of migratory bull trout. Overall, results of this work point to the importance of thermal heterogeneity in stream networks and how contrasting patterns of seasonal movement influence the prevalence of spawning, or skipped spawning, in bull trout.

Benjamin, J.R., Vidergar, D., Dunham, J.B., 2020, Thermal heterogeneity, migration, and consequences for spawning potential of female bull trout in a river-reservoir system: Ecology and Evolution, p. online,

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