SPCMSC Researcher is first international guest interviewed on Australian ocean podcast series

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Dr. Christina Kellogg (SPCMSC Research Microbiologist) was interviewed about her deep-sea research for a new episode of the podcast The Deep Blue: On My Doorstep. Kellogg’s episode kicks off the second series of this new podcast that debuted during Australia’s National Science Week in August 2020. 

A woman in a brown coat emerges from the hatch of an orange submarine.

Dr. Christina Kellogg emerges from the submersible Delta after collecting coral samples in the Aleutian Islands in 2004. (Credit: Christina Kellogg, USGS. Public domain.)

The podcast’s first series of 12 episodes focused on research being undertaken in Australia by leading marine experts, as an event for Australia’s National Science Week. Discussions are framed around marine places on researcher’s doorsteps that have inspired them and how their love of these places has influenced their life’s work. The podcast is freely available on iTunes, Spotify, and the University of New South Wales (UNSW) website. To read more, visit https://www.scienceweek.net.au/event/the-deep-blue-on-my-doorstep/.

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USGS Researcher awarded 2018 Rudi Lemberg Travelling Fellowship by Australian Academy of Science

Research microbiologist Christina Kellogg (USGS St. Petersburg Coastal and Marine Science Center) was recognized as a prominent international scientist by the Australian Academy of Science and awarded the 2018 Rudi Lemberg Travelling Fellowship.