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Three new webcams have recently been installed at these streamgaging sites in California:

Truckee River at Boca Bridge near Truckee, CA

Suisun Bay near Bay Point, CA

False River near Oakley, CA

Webcams provide valuable information to the National Weather Service, emergency managers, and area residents to evaluate real-time conditions in river environments during storms. The visual record of flooding and other river events also provides valuable research data for the USGS.

Using Raspberry Pi technology with its variety of HD cameras provides low-cost site monitoring capability. Raspberry Pi cameras allow for full control to adapt their imaging capabilities to custom needs. Current webcam images are routinely gathered on the USGS Hydrologic Imagery Visualization and Information System (HIVIS) Dashboard. This gives the ability to view the images associated with the flow at a particular point in time (orange dots on the hydrograph below), making it easy for the Hydrographer to visually investigate any anomalies from the office.

Webcam and hydrograph Truckee River
Webcam and hydrograph, Truckee River at Boca Bridge near Truckee, CA.

To see all our webcams, visit the California Water Science Center webcams page.