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February 22, 2022

California Water Science Center Research Hydrologist Dr. Judith Drexler and Biologist Taylor Eddy will discuss their research at the Ocean Sciences Meeting 2022. The 2022 meeting will be a fully virtual event. The Ocean Sciences Meeting will bring together online more than 5,300 ocean specialists from over 75 different countries.


USGS hydrologist, Judith Drexler, bushwacking through a marsh
USGS Research Hydrologist, Judith Drexler 


The carbon cycle across the land-ocean continuum: scientific advances and insights for blue carbon policy

Presented by Dr. Judith Drexler

Monday, February 28th, Three sessions at 9:00, 10:00, and 11:30 a.m.

Oceanographers, hydrologists, ecologists, wetland scientists and modelers often have varied viewpoints regarding the importance of processes occurring along the land-ocean continuum, how they might change in the future, and what implications they have for blue carbon policies designed to mitigate carbon pollution. The session chaired by Dr. Drexler aims to bring together these diverse communities to advance the understanding of these interconnected processes and inform blue carbon policy and practice. The session will focus on research of mechanisms and/or blue carbon policy implications of lateral carbon transport, biogeochemical cycling, air-sea carbon exchange, and sediment carbon burial and source determination. The session will include participants from Europe, Australia, and the United States to discuss blue carbon across the terrestrial-ocean continuum. Dr. Drexler will also be presenting a talk in the session in which she will discuss the range of carbon sources contributing to wetland sediments in both restoring and historical tidal marshes.





Taylor Eddy
USGS Biologist, Taylor Eddy


Where are the blooms? A look into the changes in phytoplankton bloom timing in the San Francisco Bay

Presented by Taylor Eddy

Tuesday, March 1, 3:30-4:30 p.m.

For over 5 decades, the USGS has sustained long-term data collection in the San Francisco Bay–Delta (SFB) with one goal being to understand phytoplankton bloom dynamics such as timing and conditions that lead to blooms. This presentation will discuss analysis that builds on that research over the most recent decade. The results reveal a striking change in SFB phytoplankton bloom patterns where, beginning in 2009, there was a significant decline in the appearance and magnitude of phytoplankton spring blooms. The presentation will also review statistical time series analyses and discuss how and where the timing, magnitude, and duration of spring booms and other parameters have shifted in the SFB. Presenters will also discuss potential causes of these changes.



To learn more about these and other presentations, visit the Ocean Sciences Meeting 2022 website.


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