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January 26, 2024

On January 26, the USGS put out a nationwide news release showcasing a new nationwide study by scientists, which provides additional scientific evidence that pesticides are likely negatively impacting aquatic invertebrate community health, and therefore the health of our stream and river ecosystems. 

The study titled, “Multiple lines of evidence point to pesticides as stressors affecting invertebrate communities in small streams in five United States regions” was published in Science of the Total Environment on January 24, 2024.

Principal Investigator Lisa Nowell says, “Overall, this study makes a strong case that pesticides are a likely cause of harm for invertebrates in U.S. streams. Further, our findings suggest that stream biomonitoring and assessment efforts would benefit from the addition of pesticide monitoring."

Photo Captions
Thumbnail image on previous page: Scientist Leah Kammel Lenoch samples sediment at Seeley Creek, New York, photo by Alan Cressler
Main image on this page: Big Cottonwood Creek, UT, photo by Alan Cressler


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