VaMPIRE: Values Mapping for Planning in Regional Ecosystems

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As part of the Values Mapping for Planning in Regional Ecosystems project, also known as VaMPIRE, USGS scientists are developing a mapping application that aids in gathering public land visitor use information. 

As part of VaMPIRE, USGS is developing a Public Participatory GIS (PPGIS) mapping application that can aid gathering visitor use information for planning, permitting, and assessing progress towards public land and water planning objectives. VaMPIRE uses GIS tools and mapping interfaces to include local communities, user groups, and other interested stakeholders in decision making. It gathers spatial data on the meanings people attach to places and activities they do in those places. 

VaMPIRE is a partnership between the USGS and BLM with the objective to develop a standard tool that is customizable to the needs of a given office to accommodate where they are in their land-use planning lifecycle—whether it be updating an Resource Management Plan, understanding permitting actions to implement an Resource Management Plan, or assessing progress towards resource goals and objectives. VaMPIRE is a way to consider multiple land uses while considering possible social tradeoffs.