Golden Eagles and Renewable Energy Development in the Western U.S.

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Development of wind-power and solar facilities is expected to increase dramatically in areas occupied by golden eagles in the western U.S. Renewable energy development in areas used by golden eagles poses a unique challenge to natural resource managers because of this species’ vulnerability to collisions with wind turbines and sensitivity to changes in human land-use.

Our research provides the scientific foundation needed to promote effective golden eagle conservation and compatible renewable energy development. Current research projects include:

  • Estimation of site occupancy, nesting success, and detectability of golden eagles in the Diablo Mountains of central California
  • Golden eagle effectiveness monitoring plan for the Desert Renewable Energy Conservation Plan
  • Age-structured ranging behavior and habitat use by golden eagles in the vicinity of the Altamont Pass Wind Resource Area: implications for wind-energy development
  • Movements and site fidelity of juvenile golden eagles in the Diablo Mountains, California


US Fish & Wildlife Service, The Peregrine Fund, California Energy Commission, California Department of Fish and Wildlife, East Bay Regional Parks District