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GEMSC Research Hydrologist Isabelle M. Cozzarelli, Ph.D. recently received the Friend of Water-Rock Interaction & Applied Isotope Geochemistry award in ‘Recognition of leadership in the field of geochemistry and many valuable contributions to the international symposium’ from the International Association of Geochemistry (IAGC).

Dr. Cozzarelli accepted the award from working group chairmen, professor Pierepaolo Zuddas and Dr. Romain Millot, during her attendance at the International Symposium on Water-Rock Interaction & Applied Isotope Geochemistry in Sendai, Japan, where she was an invited keynote speaker.

GEMSC Scientist Receives Special IAGC Leadership Award
GEMSC scientist, Isabelle Cozzarelli, receives special IAGC leadership award with Professor Zuddas and WRI-17 International Committee member Dr. Yousif Kharaka.

Congratulations, Isabelle!

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