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Are you asking the novel, important, big science questions?

Proposals are evaluated for scientific merit, novel approaches, and rationale for conducting investigative activities at the Powell Center.

The Powell Center’s Science Advisory Board (SAB) reviews proposals and makes recommendations to the Director who makes final decisions about which proposals to support. SAB members recuse themselves from proposal review if conflict of interest is perceived, according to the terms of the Powell Center Code of Ethics.

All proposals are reviewed by at least four SAB members. A summary of the written and panel review comments is sent to principal investigators, often within six weeks after submission. Summaries include descriptions of the strengths and weaknesses of the proposal. Proposals that are unsuccessful can revise and resubmit up to three times.

We strongly encourage you to contact either Jill Baron ( or Mary Goldhaber ( ahead of time if you are considering submitting a proposal to discuss your ideas and approach. They can advise whether the ideas are suitable for synthesis and offer guidance on how to develop a successful proposal.