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Leslie Hsu

I joined the USGS in 2015 as the coordinator of the Community for Data Integration (CDI). This position allows me to combine my interests in Earth science, technology, information management, and facilitation of communities of practice. I am also the project coordinator of the USGS Model Catalog. 

Education and Certifications

  • University of California, Berkeley, Berkeley, CA
    Ph.D in Earth & Planetary Science (2010) 
    Dissertation: Bedrock Erosion by Debris Flows

  • University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ 
    M.S. in Geosciences (2002) 
    Thesis: Dating Quaternary Alluvial Fan Surfaces by Morphological Methods Based on Hillslope Diffusion 

  • Harvard University, Cambridge, MA 
    B.A. in Earth & Planetary Sciences (2000)
    Senior thesis: Atmospheric and Oceanic Distributions of Methyl Iodide (CH3I) for Global 3-D models 

Science and Products