Regional Hydraulic Geometry Characteristics of the Boston Mountains in Arkansas

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LMG-WSC hydrologist, in collaboration with Arkansas Natural Resource Commission scientist are analyzing stream channel geomorphic characteristics at 15 gaged stable stream sites in the Boston Mountains of Arkansas. Field data collection entails topographic surveys of selected stream reaches and analysis of bed and bar sediments. Topographic surveys, running from hundreds to thousands of feet, are being conducted to collect stream hydraulic geometry parameters including; thalweg, reach slopes, widths, depths, cross sectional areas, channel forming indicators, top of banks and floodplains. Regional hydraulic-geometry curves, based on field geometry surveys and USGS streamflow-measurement data, will be developed. The results will provide water resource managers and engineers with information to better define and manage the water resources of the Boston Mountains in Arkansas. The project is funded by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers – Little Rock District.