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Every Drop Counts: Progress Towards a National Water Census

September 13, 2013

This year's theme is "Start with Science"

Second in the 2013 Series

Growing populations, increased energy development, and the uncertain effects of a changing climate magnify the need for an improved understanding of water use and water availability. Presently, no comprehensive national assessment of water resources exists. Come learn how the USGS and its partners are making progress towards a National Water Census, which will thoroughly quantify water supply and demand across the entire country.


Hosted by: The following link leaves the USGS site.

Speaker Biographies

Eric Evenson

Eric Evenson is the USGS Coordinator for the National Water Census. Previously, he served as the Regional Program Officer of the USGS, Northeastern Region Water Programs and in the New Jersey Water Science Center as the Associate Director and Center Director. Eric is a graduate of the University of Nebraska at Lincoln with a B.S. in Zoology and a M.S. in Ecology.

Bob Tudor

Bob Tudor was appointed Deputy Executive Director of the Delaware River Basin Commission in 2001. Prior to DRBC, he served more than twenty years in in several capacities with the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection. As Deputy Commissioner, Bob oversaw Planning and Science, Land Use Management and Historic Resources functions. Bob is a graduate of Rutgers College and the University of Connecticut.

Tony Willardson

Tony Willardson is the Executive Director of the Western States Water Council. Organized in 1965, the council brings about effective cooperation among Western states in the conservation, development and management of water resources.

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