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The primary objective of the STATEMAP component of the NCGMP is to establish the geologic framework of areas determined to be vital to the economic, social, or scientific welfare of individual States.  STATEMAP mapping priorities are established by State Geological Surveys in consultation with a multi-representational State Mapping Advisory Committee.  These priorities are based on: a) State requirements for geologic-map information in areas of multiple-issue need or areas of compelling single-issue need, and b) State requirements for geologic-map information in areas where mapping is required to solve critical earth-science problems.   In recent years, STATEMAP efforts have focused primarily on geologic maps that address land-use, water resources, aggregate and mineral resources, oil and gas, and natural hazards issues. 

STATEMAP cooperative agreements are funded through an annual competitive grant process in response to the STATEMAP Program Announcement. Every Federal dollar awarded to a State Geological Survey is matched by a State dollar.  Geologists at the State Geological Surveys conduct the geologic mapping and frequently work closely with EDMAP students and their professors, as well as with FEDMAP geologists who may be mapping within the State.

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