2019 NGGDPP State Geological Survey Grants

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This is a list of 2019 state projects that were funded by the National Geological and Geophysical Data Preservation Program.  Details on other years are listed on the NGGDPP Grants Program Page.

2019 NGGDPP State Grants
State Institution Title Funding Amount
AK Alaska Division of Geological & Geophysical Surveys Shell Oil C. Inventory Pilot, Map Conversion to GEMS, and Critical Minerals Exploration Database $83,482.00
AL Geological Survey of Alabama FY 2019 Fossl and Critical Mineral Data for Alabama $48,237.00
AR Arkansas Geological Survey Arkansas Geological Survey FY2019 Arkansas Driller Log Colletion Project Part 1 $59,163.57
AZ University of Arizona, Arizona Geological Survey 2019 Preservation and Modernization of Arizona Digital Geologic Map Data and Development of a Publicly Accessible Digital Core Archive $98,415.04
CO Colorado School of Mines, Colorado Geological Survey Digitization of Colorado Geologic Hazard and Geotechnical Reports, Geophysical and Geologic Logs and Geologic Maps with Metadata Creation for Publicly Available Information Relative to Critical Mineral Resources and Geologic Hazards $51,872.02
CT Connecticut Geological and Natural History Survey, Connecticut Department of  Energy & Environmental Protection Digital Compilation of the Bedrock Geological Maps of Kent and Guilford 7.5 Minute Quadrangles, Litchfield and New Haven Counties, CT $36,304.00
DE University of Delaware, Delaware Geological Survey Priority 2: Rescue, Preservation, and Access: Delaware Geological Survey's Atlantic OCS Sample and Data Respoitory FY2019 Project/Priority 3: Delaware Critical Minerals Data Inventory FY2019 3 DEEP Project $72,882.00
FL Florida Department of Environmental Protection, Florida Geological Survey Preservation & Review of Florida Historic Documents $43,541.16
IA University of Iowa, Iowa Geological Survey Foundation for the Future: Developing Digital Striplogs and Assessing Critical Mineral Potential $47,526.00
ID University of Idaho, Idaho Geological Survey USGS Data Preservation 12 $67,496.00
IL Univeristy of Illinois, Illinois State Geological Survey Preservation of Geologic Data and Collections in Illinois: FY19 $71,793.00
IN Indiana University, Indiana Geological Survey IGWS FAIR Data Initiative 2019 - Geochemistry and Critical Minerals $71,803.00
KS University of Kansas, Kansas Geological Survey Preservation of Kansas Oil and Gas Well Geologic Data, Records, and Samples, and Aerial Photographs, FY2019 $82,549.00
KY University of Kentucky, Kentucky Geological Survey Kentucky Geological Survey FY2019 Geologic Data Preservation Project $85,632.00
MD Maryland Dept. of Natural Resources, Maryland Geological Survey NDC Metadata Updates, Preservation of MGS Drill Cuttings Collection, Preliminary Inventory of Rescued Guilford Materials, and Compilation of MD Critical Mineral Resource Data (2019-2020) $99,967.00
MI Western Michigan University, Michigan Geological Survey Project to (1) Complete a Preservation Project for Unique Drill Cuttings and (2)  Assemble Geologic Data and Create Maps for Digital Use in Identifying Focus Areas for Critical Minerals $83,695.00
ME Maine Geological Survey MGS FY19 Project: Slide Cataloging and Critical Mineral Resource Assessment $30,331.73
MN University of Minnesota, Minnesota Geological Survey Updated Minnesota Data Inventory; Preservation of Pillsbury Hall Rock Collections with Associated and Additional Documentation; Assembly of Mineral Potential Related Information $57,100.59
MO Missouri Dept. of Natural Resources Upload New Version of Rock Cores from MO, Digital Scanning & Metadata of 5000 Field Maps in Collection, Core Log Data Base & 2 Workshops-Data Rescue &Critical Minerals $77,868.00
MT Montana Technological University, Montana Geological Survey Montana 2019 NGGDPP Proposal: Historical Stope Book Rescue (Priority 2) and Critical Minerals Inventory (Priority 3) $73,028.00
NC North Carolina Dept. of Environmental Quality, North Carolina Geolgical Survey Priority 1 and 2: Rescue and Inventory All Core and Cuttings Collections; Priority 3: Rare Earth Element Minerals (REEMs) in the Coastal Plain Province $43,350.40
NE University of Nebraska, Nebraska Geological Survey Nebraska Oil and Gas Collection Phase II: Inventory and Database Development for Sothwest Nebraska Geological Sample Data Preservation and Public Access $14,724.00
NJ New Jersey Dept. of Environmental Protection 2019 NJGWS Geoscientific Data Preservation Project $11,056.53
NM New Mexico Bureau of Geology & Mineral Industries Preserving Geoscience Data (GeMS Conversion and Document Preservation), and 3DEEP $70,144.99
NV University of Nevada Reno, Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology NBMG 2019 Data Preservation and Critical Mineral Studies $71,354.92
OK University of Oklahoma, Oklahoma Geological Survey Development Support for Comprehensive Database of Oklahoma Geological Resources - Phase II $17,231.00
PA Pennsylvania Dept. of Conservation & Natural Resources Attendance to Regional Critical Mineral Resources Workshop, Reston, VA $1,020.00
SC South Carolina Dept. of Natural Resources, South Carolina Geological Survey Data Preservation of Hydrostratigraphic Cross Sections in the Coastal Plain and Preliminary Development of a Critcal Mineral Database in South Carolina $39,086.00
TN Tennessee Dept. of Environment and Conservation Generating Metadata Records, Digitizing Documents in 3 Tennessee Geologial Survey Collections and Diseminating Documents on Website  $39,105.23
TX University of Texas at Austin, Texas Geological Survey Priority 1: Updating All Bureau Metadata in NDC and Adding New Metadata; Priority 2: Taking Inventory of, Scanning, and Creating Digital Metadata for a Large Thin Section Collection $84,287.95
UT Utah Geological Survey UGS FY2019 Geologic Data Preservation Project $93,321.78
VA Virginia Dept. of Mines, Minerals, and Energy NDC Metadata Revision, Preservation of Unpuplished Legacy Economic Geology Records, Metadata for Abandoned Mines Land (Non-Coal) Collection, Preservation of Historical Images, Inventory of Critical Commodity Resources $65,522.00
WA Washington State Dept. of Natural Resources Washington Geological Survey Data Preservation Grant $86,495.50
WI University of Wisconsin System, Wisconsin Geological and Natural History Survey Wisconsin FY2019 Data Preservation: Updating our NDC Collections, Converting Maps to GeMS Format, and Identifying Critical Minerals Data $39,365.00
WV West Virginia Geological & Economic Survey Enhanced Inventory and Conservation of WVGES Rock Core, Well Cuttings, Thin Section Collections, and Associated Data $34,977.64
WY Wyoming State Geological Survey Digital Depth to Precambrian Basement Map, Wyoming $24,906.62


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