2020 NGGDPP State Geological Survey Grants

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This is a list of 2020 state projects that were funded by the National Geological and Geophysical Data Preservation Program.  Details on other years are listed on the NGGDPP Grants Program Page.

2020 NGGDPP State Grants
State Institution Title Funding Amount
AK State of Alaska, Department of Natural Resources, Division of Geological & Geophysical Surveys Application and Database Critical Maintenance, Geochronology Database Scoping, and Map Conversion to GEMS $72,701
AL Geological Survey of Alabama FY2020 Fossil Conservation and Critical Mineral Workshop for Alabama $29,068
AZ University of Arizona, Arizona Geological Survey FY20 Preservation and Modernization of Arizona Digital Geologic Map and Minerals Data $110,256
CA California Department of Conservation, California Geological Survey FY2020 California Geological Survey Publication Inventory and Creation of Geospatial Database Characterizing California's Critical Mineral Potential $35,000
CO Colorado School of Mines, Colorado Geological Survey Digitization of Colorado Geologic Hazard and Geotechnical Reports and Geologic Maps with Metadata for Publicly Available Information Relative to Critical Mineral Resources and Geologic Hazards $30,731
CT Connecticut Department of  Energy & Environmental Protection, Connecticut Geological Survey Priority 1: Preservation and Online Publication of the Connecticut Geological Survey Legacy Collection [1835-2020] & Priority 2: Bedrock Mines and Quarries Map of CT Update to GeMS in support of US Critical Minerals Mining Initiative $34,889
IA University of Iowa, Iowa Geological Survey Oil, Gas, and GeMS: Core Accessibility and Map Standard Updates $41,711
ID University of Idaho, Idaho Geological Survey USGS Data Preservation 13 $68,505
IL Univeristy of Illinois, Illinois State Geological Survey Preservation of Geologic Data and Collections in Illinois: FY20 $70,758
IN Indiana University, Indiana Geological & Water Survey IGWS FAIR Data Initiative - Collections Infrastructure and Critical Minerals $110,701
KS University of Kansas Center for Research, Kansas Geological Survey Preserving Kansas Geologic Data, Documents, Samples, and Aerial Photographs; and Surveying Critical Mineral Resources, FY2020 $117,676
KY University of Kentucky, Kentucky Geological Survey Kentucky Geological Survey FY2020 Geologic Data Preservation Project $57,718
MD Maryland Department of Natural Resources, Maryland Geological Survey Preservation of MGS Drill Cuttings Collection, Preliminary Inventory of Rescued Coal Cores, and Production of Maps to Support Critical Mineral Resource Identification in Maryland (2020-2021) $80,080
MI Western Michigan University, Michigan Geological Survey Inventory and preserve fragile paper well records and thin-section slides by converting them to digital format and upload all products to the National Digital Catalog (NDC) to make them widely available, and (2) Convert paper well records from Michigan UP boreholes to digital format and map the depth to bedrock $77,374
ME Maine Geological Survey MGS FY20 Project:  Preservation of Field Notebooks, Maps, and Photos, and Critical Mineral Resource Assessment $34,253
MN University of Minnesota, Minnesota Geological Survey Enhancement of the MN cuttings collection and database; further assembly of requested mineral-potential-related information $18,571
MO Missouri Department of Natural Resources, Missouri Geological Survey Digital Scanning and Metadata Generation of 400 Unpublished Mineral Resource Files in Collection, Core Log Database, and Regional Critical Mineral Resources Workshop $75,854
MT Montana Technological University, Montana Bureau of Mines and Geology Specimen Archive and Analytical Data Repository at the MBMG and Critical Mineral Resource Inventory for Montana $62,785
NC North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality, North Carolina Geological Survey Critical Minerals in North Carolina $21,000
NE University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Conservation and Survey Division (Nebraska Geological Survey) Nebraska Oil and Gas Collection Phase III: Inventory and Database Development for Eastern Nebraska Geological Sample Data Preservation and Public Access $24,166
NH New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services, New Hampshire Geological Survey New Hampshire Geological Survey NGGDPP Cooperative Agreement Proposal for New Hampshire Data Preservation $11,534
NJ New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, New Jersey Geological &  Water Survey 2020 NJGWS Geoscientific Data Preservation  Project $14,638
NM New Mexico Institute of Mining & Technology, New Mexico Bureau of Geology and Mineral Resources Preserve Geoscience Data and Minerals: Priority I and II $154,982
NV University of Nevada Reno, Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology Increasing the Utility and Accessibility of NV's Digital Geologic Libraries: Digitization of Geothermal Well Logs, GeMS Geologic Map Conversions, and Great Basin Science Sample and Records Library Data Preservation   $91,786
OK University of Oklahoma, Oklahoma Geological Survey Development Support for Comprehensive Database of Oklahoma Geological Resources - Phase III $42,526
TN Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation, Tennessee Geological Survey Generating Metadata Records, Digitizing Documents in 2 TGS Collections, Digitizing 2 Unpublished Geologic Maps, and Disseminating Documents on Website $40,592
TX University of Texas at Austin, Bureau of Economic Geology Digital Conversion of Geological Reports and Create Open-Source Python Software Library; Identifying Critical Mineral Resources $55,000
UT Utah Geological Survey UGS FY2020 Geologic Data Preservation Project $68,528
VA Virginia Department of Mines, Minerals, and Energy - Division of Geology and Mineral Resources Finish Preservation of New Jersey Zinc Company (Virginia) Legacy Collection and Increase Availability of Critical Minerals Information $54,725
WA Washington State Department of Natural Resources, Washington Geological Survey Washington Geological Survey Data Preservation Grant $70,191
WI University of Wisconsin System, Wisconsin Geological and Natural History Survey FY2020 Wisconsin Data Preservation, GeMS and Critical Minerals $64,025
WY Wyoming State Geological Survey Converting Published WGSG Geologic Map Files from PDF to GeoTIFF and KML $6,892


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