3D Elevation Program (3DEP)

Collaboration & Partnerships

SeaSketch - United States Federal Mapping Coordination

SeaSketch - United States Federal Mapping Coordination

SeaSketch is a collaboration site for Federal and partner mapping data acquisition.

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USIEI - The United States Interagency Elevation Inventory

USIEI - The United States Interagency Elevation Inventory

USIEI is a comprehensive, nationwide listing of known high-accuracy topographic and bathymetric data for the United States and its territories.  


3DEP For The Nation

3DEP For The Nation

State geospatial information representatives coordinate through National States Geographic Information Council (NSGIC) to explore 3DEP FTN data planning, acquisition, management, distribution, and application of high-quality topographic data.

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View of BAA Solicitation Documents


The 3D Elevation Program Broad Agency Announcement

The 3DEP BAA is the vehicle for soliciting partnership with non-Federal partners. It is a fair and equitable process that allows Federal, State, local, Tribal, and even private organizations to propose data acquisition projects. More information is available from the BAA Portal.


NOAA Digital Coast Homepage View

Image of NOAA Digital Coast Homepage View 

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National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration Digital Coast

The Data Access Viewer (DAV) allows a user to search for and download elevation, imagery, and land cover data for the coastal U.S. and its territories.




Training Videos

Please refer to Lesson 11 series of videos to learn how to use the interfaces from the USGS YouTube Page.

Lesson 11a - US Interagency Elevation Inventory (USIEI)

  • This video demonstrates how to use the USIEI application to zoom, view footprints and attributes for existing topographic and bathymetric data and download the inventory to navigate to sites where the data can be downloaded. 

Lesson 11d - Using SeaSketch to View 3DEP Lidar Areas of Interest

  •  In this lesson you will learn how to zoom to your area of interest and view the footprints of existing and proposed topographic lidar projects.