National Digital Trails


Connecting trails to expand recreational opportunities on the Nation’s public lands. 

The National Digital Trails Network project was developed in response to the Department of Interior’s (DOI’s) vision to expand recreational opportunities on the Nation’s public lands. 

Our Nation is home to a vast network of recreational trails traveled by millions of citizens. The trails are managed by numerous organizations and jurisdictions and do not form a coherent, connected network. The overall objectives of this project are to provide data and tools to enable land managers to visualize opportunities to increase the connectivity within this network. 


Date published: November 24, 2020

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Are you a trail planner? Does your organization update, maintain, create public domain trails?  Are you part of or do you partner with federal, state, or local land management agencies? Are you looking for an easy way to visualize trails and potential connections between trails?  

Date published: July 14, 2020

TRAILS Project Earns the 2020 Esri SAG Award

The Department of Interior sponsored National Digital Trails Project and USGS National Geospatial Program (NGP) have been selected to receive a Special Achievement in GIS (SAG) Award for the Trail Routing, Analysis, and Information Linkage System (TRAILS) decision support tool.

Date published: January 9, 2020

TRAILS Decision Support Tool is Available!

The TRAILS (Trail Routing, Analysis, and Information Linkage System) is available to federal trail planners by request.