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CONUS404 climate forcing variable subset for hydrologic models, 1979-2022: downscaled to 1 km and bias-adjusted for precipitation and temperature

May 28, 2024

This metadata record serves as documentation for the bias adjusted version of the CONUS404 (CONtiguous United States for 40-years at 4-kilometer grid spacing) atmospheric forcing dataset; however this dataset has been revised to include 43 years of data at 1-kilometer grid spacing. This is a dataset of historical conditions (water years 1980-2022, October 1, 1979-September 30, 2022) and has sufficient temporal and spatial detail to resolve mesoscale atmospheric processes, making it appropriate for forcing hydrological models and conducting meteorological analyses.

This data release includes the bias adjusted CONUS404 outputs (CONUS404 BA) and the adjustment grids that were used in the bias adjustment process. The adjustment grids are approximately 40 GB in size and contain the day of year bias value needed for the bias adjustment process. The CONUS404 BA outputs are approximately 65 TB in size and contain downscaled hourly data for U component of wind, V component of wind, downward longwave radiation, downward shortwave radiation, air temperature, water vapor mixing ratio, surface pressure, and accumulated precipitation variables. For definition of these variables, see the attribute table included in this metadata. The air temperature and accumulated precipitation variables were both downscaled and bias adjusted while the remaining variables were just downscaled. For information on the downscaling and bias adjustments conducted on these data, see the processing steps section on this metadata.
Access to Dataset
The CONUS404 BA outputs and the adjustment grids are being archived on the U.S. Geological Survey's Black Pearl tape drive system. The data can be accessed through a Globus access portal here:…. The CONUS404 BA outputs are organized into folders by water year (for example, “WY2020”) and the day of year adjustment grids in one folder titled "adjustment_grids". In order to access the files, you will need to log in with an existing Globus account or create one and then perform a file transfer. If you are transferring the files to your local computer, you will also want to install and set up Globus Connect Personal to turn your local machine into an available Globus endpoint. There is no cost for a Globus account. Once Globus is set up, you are ready to access the raw output files. Please note that filenames include characters (e.g. ":") that are not valid on Windows systems; intended usage of these files is on Unix systems.

Publication Year 2024
Title CONUS404 climate forcing variable subset for hydrologic models, 1979-2022: downscaled to 1 km and bias-adjusted for precipitation and temperature
DOI 10.5066/P9JE61P7
Authors Yongxin Zhang, Joseph Grimm, Ryan S Cabell, Ishita Srivastava, David J Gochis, Andreas F Prein, Roy M Rasmussen, Kyoko Ikeda, Timothy L Schneider
Product Type Data Release
Record Source USGS Digital Object Identifier Catalog
USGS Organization Water Resources Mission Area - Headquarters