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Data in support of study evaluating effects of legacy-sediment removal on nutrients and sediment in Big Spring Run, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, 2009-15

December 22, 2020

The stream corridor at the Big Spring Run restoration site has been identified as a substantial source of sediment and nutrients to streams due to streambank erosion and floodplain scour of legacy sediment. Three USGS streamgages were installed and water-quality monitoring began in water year 2009, prior to the legacy sediment removal from the restoration area. The legacy sediment was removed from approximately 4.6 acres within the Big Spring Run study area in the fall of 2011. Monitoring has continued in the post-restoration period. This study was conducted in cooperation with the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, Franklin and Marshall College, and the US Environmental Protection Agency and examines the effects of the legacy sediment removal on nutrients and sediment during the post-restoration monitoring period (Water Years 2012-2015) compared to the pre-restoration monitoring period (Water Years 2009-2011) in the Big Spring Run watershed. The content and connection among files in this product are described in the readme file.

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