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Honnedaga Liming Project soil and vegetation data, 2012-2018, Adirondack region, New York, USA

December 8, 2020

This dataset contains field descriptions of soil profiles and chemical analysis results of soil samples collected in the limed (T16) and reference (T24) watersheds of the Honnedaga Liming Study conducted in the watershed of Honnedaga Lake, in the southwestern portion of the Adirondack State Park in New York State, USA. Field measurements of trees, saplings and seedlings in these watersheds are also included. Data were collected in 2012-2013, prior to aerial application of pelletized limestone to T16 October 1-5, 2013, and in 2014-2018 following treatment. All data are included in a Microsoft Office 365 .xlsx file with a Table of Contents worksheet that describes all data worksheets and a worksheet that details the field sampling designs. Each worksheet in the .xlsx file has also been saved as an individual comma-delimited (CSV) file. The meta-data references 10 files and includes locational data for the sites at which data were obtained; these data are also provided in the service definition file.

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