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Date published: June 15, 2018

Field Photo Friday Winner for June, 2018

During a National Water Quality Network (NWQN) sampling trip in May to the St Lawrence River, Hydrologic Technician Dave Knauer finds a batch of Zebra mussels attached to the boat anchor.


Year Published: 2018

Long Island South Shore Estuary Reserve Coordinated Water Resources Monitoring Strategy

Executive SummaryThe Long Island South Shore Estuary Reserve Coordinated Water Resources Monitoring Strategy (CWRMS) provides an overview of the water-quality and ecological monitoring within the Reserve and presents suggestions from stakeholders for future data collection, data management, and coordination among monitoring programs. The South...

Fisher, Shawn C.; Welk, Robert J.; Finkelstein, Jason S.
Fisher, S.C., Welk, R.J., and Finkelstein, J.S., 2018, Long Island South Shore Estuary Reserve Coordinated Water Resources Monitoring Strategy: U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 2017–1161, 105 p.,

Year Published: 2018

Response of mercury in an Adirondack (NY, USA) forest stream to watershed lime application

Surface waters in Europe and North America previously impacted by acid deposition are recovering in conjunction with declining precursor emissions since the 1980s. Lime has been applied to some impacted watersheds to accelerate recovery. The response to liming can be considered a proxy for future recovery from acid deposition. Increases in...

Millard, Geoffrey D.; Driscoll, Charles T.; Burns, Douglas; Montesdeoca, Mario R.; Murray, Karen

Year Published: 2018

Stability of mercury concentration measurements in archived soil and peat samples

Archived soil samples can provide important information on the history of environmental contamination and by comparison with recently collected samples, temporal trends can be inferred. Little previous work has addressed whether mercury (Hg) concentrations in soil samples are stable with long-term storage under standard laboratory conditions. In...

Navrátil, Tomáš; Burns, Douglas; Nováková, Tereza; Kaňa, Jiří; Rohovec, Jan; Roll, Michal; Ettler, Vojtěch