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Humpback Chub (Gila cypha) capture history data (2009-2017), and code for mark-recapture analysis and stochastic matrix projections, Colorado River and Little Colorado River, Arizona

May 13, 2021

These data represent capture histories for humpback chub (Gila cypha) that spawn in the Little Colorado River (LCR) from 2009-2017. Capture histories pertain to size class (<150mm total length [TL], 150-199mm TL, 200-249mm TL, and >250mm TL) and spatial location (the juvenile chub monitoring [JCM] reach in the Colorado River [63.4-65.0 river miles downstream of Lees Ferry], lower LCR [0-13.56 km upstream of Colorado River confluence], and upper LCR [13.57-17.9 km upstream of Colorado River confluence]).