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MODFLOW-2000 and MODPATH used to evaluate groundwater-management scenarios in the Brunswick area, Georgia, 2004-2015

April 24, 2019

A previously published groundwater flow model ( was revised with refined grid spacing and updated hydrogeolgic framework and hydrologic properties ( and used in this study to predict the effects of Upper Floridan aquifer (UFA) groundwater pumpage on horizontal hydraulic-head gradients in the upper-water-bearing zone of the UFA in the downtown Brunswick area, Glynn County, Georgia. The model used MOFLOW-2000 and was calibrated using groundwater-use information for October 2015, which was the basis for the 2015 Base Case simulation. A comparison of the 2015 Base Case simulation with seven groundwater-management scenarios evaluated potential changes to the upper-water-bearing zone of the UFA near downtown Brunswick. Particle-tracking analysis, using MODPATH, provided pathlines and time-of-travel for the 2015 Base Case simulation and scenario C. This USGS data release contains all of the input and output files for the simulations described in the associated model documentation report (