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Pumping Rate, Drawdown, and Atmospheric Pressure Data from Hydraulic Tomography Experiment at the Former Naval Air Warfare Center, West Trenton, NJ, 2015-2016

June 17, 2019

This data release presents pumping rate data, water-level drawdown and recovery data, and atmospheric pressure data collected during 48 pumping tests conducted in 2015 and 2016 for a hydraulic tomography field experiment in the mudstone aquifer underlying the former Naval Air Warfare Center (NAWC), West Trenton, NJ. The pumping rate data include rates measured by in-line flow meters and rates measured manually by recording the time to fill a known volume with the pump discharge water. The water-level drawdown data include drawdowns measured by fiber-optic pressure transducers, and drawdowns measured by strain-gauge transducers. For many tests, water-level recovery data are also provided, which measure the change in water levels after the end of a test. The data were collected in seven closely-spaced boreholes (wells 83-89), each open to approximately 20 meters of aquifer thickness. The wells were instrumented with inflatable packers to divide the open wells into multiple shorter isolated observation intervals in which the pumping tests occurred and drawdowns were monitored. The locations of the wells and the configuration of the wells into named isolated intervals are given in "Tiedeman, C.R., and Barrash, W., 2019, Hydraulic Tomography: 3D Hydraulic Conductivity, Fracture Network, and Connectivity in a Mudstone Aquifer: Groundwater," (referred to as Tiedeman and Barrash 2019), Figures 1 and S2 and Tables S1 and S2. Information about each of the pumping tests is given in Table 1 of that publication.

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