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Sex, length, total mass, fat mass, and specimen condition data for 248 Burmese pythons (Python bivittatus) collected in the Florida Everglades

October 4, 2017

These data were collected from Burmese pythons removed from the Florida everglades as part of invasive-species management. After euthanasia, we sexed (male or female) and measured the snout-vent length (SVL; cm) and total body mass (g) for each python. We also measured total fat mass (g) by removing all visible fat bodies from the coelomic cavity and weighing this mass. For a subset of specimens, we recorded whether the pythons were put on ice after euthanasia and measured within 24 hours ('fresh') or whether the pythons were frozen after euthanasia, thawed, and then measured ('frozen'). These data were used to validate several body condition indices in Burmese pythons.