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Surrogate regression models for computation of time series suspended-sediment concentrations, Chester County, Pennsylvania (2020)

January 4, 2022

The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), in cooperation with the Chester County Water Resources Authority (CCWRA), has collected discrete stream samples for analysis of suspended-sediment concentrations at seven gaging stations where near real-time continuous data on stream discharge, and turbidity have been collected since 2005. Historical regression equations to estimate suspended-sediment concentrations are reported in Sloto, R.A., and Olson, L.E., Estimated suspended-sediment loads and yields in the French and Brandywine Creek Basins, Chester County, Pennsylvania, water years 2008?09: U.S. Geological Survey Scientific Investigations Report 2011?5109, 31 p. for four of the seven stations, including French Creek near Phoenixville, West Branch Brandywine Creek near Honey Brook, West Branch Brandywine Creek at Modena, and East Branch Brandywine Creek below Downingtown. This data release updates regression equations published in that report, and adds an additional three stations with sufficient samples to develop a surrogate to predict suspended-sediment concentrations. Regression equations included possible explanatory variables of stream discharge, and turbidity with base-10 logarithmic (log) transformations of selected variables. Data files in .CSV format include the variables of datetime, stream discharge (in cubic feet per second, cfs), suspended-sediment concentrations (in milligrams per liter, mg/L), turbidity (in formazin nephelometric units, FNU), and calculated or transformed variables of log stream discharge, log suspended-sediment concentration, and log turbidity. Data are included for 7 stream sites: French Creek at Phoenixville, PA (01472157) Valley Creek at PA Turnpike Bridge near Valley Forge, PA (01473169) White Clay Creek near Strickersville, PA (01478245) Red Clay Creek near Kennett Square, PA (01479820) West Branch Brandywine Creek at Honeybrook, PA (01480300) West Branch Brandywine Creek at Modena, PA (01480617) East Branch Brandywine Creek below Downingtown, PA (01480870)

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