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Trend analysis results for sites used in RESTORE Streamflow alteration assessments

December 11, 2018

Daily streamflow discharge data from 139 streamgages located on tributaries and streams flowing to the Gulf of Mexico were used to calculate mean monthly, mean seasonal, and decile values. Streamgages used to calculate trends required a minimum of 65 years of continuous daily streamflow data. These values were used to analyze trends in streamflow using the Mann-Kendall trend test in the R package entitled "Trends" and a new methodology created by Robert M. Hirsch known as a "Quantile-Kendall" plot. Data were analyzed based on water year using the Mann-Kendall trend test and by climate year using the Quantile-Kendall methodology to: (1) identify regions which are statistically similar for estimating streamflow characteristics; (2) identify trends related to changing streamflow and streamflow alteration over time; and (3) to identify possible correlations with estuary health in the Gulf of Mexico.