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Data Tools - Maps and Satellite Imagery

Check out the below data tools on national maps and satellite imagery!

Color photograph of Earth


What: An online search, discovery, and ordering tool of satellite, aircraft, and other remote sensing inventories through interactive and textual-based query capabilities. 

You'll Find: A tool that displays remote sensing inventories

Next You Can: Students can explore data sets and satellite images of Earth.

Use for: Satellite imagery

Data Skills: Filtering data sets

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U.S. map showing seismic stations as drops
National Strong Motion Station Map.

 Download Data & Maps from The National Map

What: The National Map is a collection of free, nationally-consistent geographic datasets that describe the landscape of the United States and its territories.

You'll Find: Downloadable base-layer GIS data and USGS topographic maps.

Next You Can: Students can view GIS data and USGS maps.

Use for: GIS

Data Skills: View and read maps and GIS data

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Landsat 9 Collection 2 Level-3 DSWE Example


What: A tool that allows rapid online viewing and access to the USGS Landsat Collection 2 data.

You'll Find: Landsatlook visualization client enables users rapid online viewing and create dynamic custom mosaics from scenes within the Landsat archive for an area of interest. 

Next You Can: Students can use filters and search locations to view satellite imagery.

Use for: Landsat, Satellite imagery

Data Skills: Filtering visual data

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Landsat: Benefiting Society for Fifty Years

Landsat: 50 Years Observing a Changing Earth

What: Join us in celebrating 50 years of the Landsat program and see dramatic changes across the Earth that are revealed via a half-century of collected images.

You'll Find: Information on Landsat missions, story maps, and a 50th anniversary video.

Next You Can: Students can view story maps, read about Landsat missions, view satellite collections, and learn about current projects.

Use for: Landsat, satellite, earth and space

Data Skills: View story maps and landsat data products