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Data Tools - Water Resources

Check out the below data tools on water resources!

Morning Glory Pool

Pools and Fluxes of Water on Earth

What: An interactive data visualization that shows the size of pools and fluxes of water on Earth.

You'll Find: A chart that shows the size of global pools and fluxes of water, and includes examples of specific pools and fluxes for context. 

Next You Can: Students can view and read data charts for various water sources.

Use for: The water cycle, understanding log scales

Data Skills: Reading a chart, understand log scales

Three people measure streamflow while standing in the middle of an Iowa stream, leafy foliage surrounds stream.

Flow Photo Explorer 

What: Platform for monitoring streamflow and other hydrologic conditions using time lapse images.

You'll Find: An integrated database, machine learning, and data visualization platform using time lapse photos. 

Next You Can: Students can view data visualizations of stream flow and other hydrologic conditions.

Use for: Streamflow, variation in time and space in images of streams

Data Skills: Data visualization, read data charts

The canyon walls are reflected in the Colorado River upstream of Lees Ferry, Glen Canyon

Hydrologic Imagery Visualization and Information System (HIVIS)

What: The Hydrologic Imagery Visualization and Information System (HIVIS) provides access to still-frame images and time lapse videos from active USGS webcams. 

You'll Find: Still-frame images, time lapse videos, and timeseries data charts for water resources.

Next You Can: Students can view videos, images, and data charts of various water resources 

Use for: Water resources

Data Skills: Read and interpret data charts

Water Watch Map of the United States


What: WaterWatch displays maps, graphs, and tables describing real-time, recent, and past streamflow conditions for the United States, including flood and droughts. Real-time information generally is updated on an hourly basis.

You'll Find: Maps, graphs, and tables describing streamflow conditions.

Next You Can: Students can view maps, graphs, and tables to determine streamflow conditions within the US.

Use for: Streamflow

Data Skills: Read and interpret maps, graphs, and tables

A small rocky stream surrounded by fall foliage

Water-Quality Changes in the Nation's Streams and River

What: The mapper shows stream trends in water chemistry and aquatic ecology for four time periods from 1972-2012.

You'll Find: Results from the largest-ever assessment of water-quality changes in the Nation's streams and rivers

Next You Can: Students can view water-quality records from over 600 Federal, State, Tribal, and local organizations were screened as part of this assessment.

Use for: Water quality, stream trends

Data Skills: Interpret data records and trends within a specific time period