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Find-A-Feature: Rivers

In honor of the 150th anniversary of John Wesley Powell’s first expedition of the Green and Colorado rivers, and the modern-day version that launched May 24, 2019, from Green River, Wyoming, we invite you to look around you for rivers, creeks, and streams in your own neighborhood. 

Post your best photo and tag us (@usgs_yes #findafeature) or send a pic of your own favorite river or stream to See USGS Find-A-Feature Challenge at #usgs #science #river #findafeature

Rivers are very important to humans and other animals and plants. We have used rivers for millennia for irrigation, food, power, transportation, trade, and recreation.


We'll be watching Instagram for some great examples, and sharing them here with the first name or initials of the contributor, and a general location only. If you tag us with @usgs_yes you are giving us permission to use your image. If you use #findafeature and #usgs we will see it, but we won't use it. Please see the USGS Social-Use page for our social media sharing policy.