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Maps and GPS (Global Positioning Systems)


Grades: Elementary Through Secondary

How does a map or an aerial photograph of the corn maze help you in navigating the maze? If possible, have the students walk the entire maze and then create a map of the paths. Compare student-created maps to the maze's official map or aerial photograph. How well did the students' maps match the site's official map? What were the challenges? What helped?

Visit a corn maze with GPS (Global Positioning Systems) receivers to record waypoints as your students walk each path (or a subset that you designate, or divide the group so that the entire maze is mapped). Upload these points into a Geographic Information System (GIS). Plot these points on top of an aerial photograph or a USGS topographic map of the area. Download free digital topographic maps by going to the USGS Store and clicking on "Map Locator". Download free aerial photographs through Earth Explorer.

Print your GPS-created corn maze plot. Include the following map components along with your plot: Title, Orientation, Date, Author, Legend, Symbols, Scale, Grid, Index, and Source.