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Domestic and International Support

For any disaster event, one or more responding agencies initiate USGS Emergency Response support.  The specific type of remote sensing support is coordinated with the end user(s) and scaled to their requirements. The types of service and capability for USGS Emergency Response support are described here.

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Domestic Support

Domestic support consists of remotely sensed image acquisition and delivery for U.S. events. The imagery is typically acquired by U.S. sources. 

International Support

For international events, USGS remote sensing support is integrated through its active role in the International Charter "Space and Major Disasters".

The amount of imagery and duration of support will vary from event to event, depending on the requirements of the end user(s).  Support may include any of the following:

  • Scheduling and acquisition of relevant satellite imagery 
  • Hosting and distribution of pre- and post-event satellite imagery via HDDS
  • Hosting and distribution of pre- and post-event aerial imagery via HDDS
  • Hosting and distribution of geospatial products and miscellaneous datasets via HDDS
  • Preparation and delivery of selected HDDS datasets via GIS Services (e.g. WMS)
  • Coordination and communication with other Federal, State, Tribal, local and international emergency response agencies, to include hosting a Remote Sensing Working Group (RSWG) teleconference if requested
  • Activation of the International Charter "Space and Major Disasters" if requested
  • Coordination of Project Manager services for Charter activations