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Do you offer teacher discounts for your maps and other cost products?

Yes. Educational institutions qualify for discounts on purchases made through the online USGS Store. To receive any discounts you must first be set up in their system. Please fax your request on school letterhead (or on a purchase order) to 303-202-4693 and include your Federal Tax ID number (not to be confused with your Federal Tax Exempt Number). For questions, call 1-888-MAP-DEAL (1-888-627-3325) or email Nonprofit organizations, governmental organizations (federal, state, or local), and USGS business partners with a signed working agreement also qualify.

Discount Policy for Map Products:

  • 40% discount on 3-24 maps of the same title
  • 50% discount on 25 or more maps of the same title
  • 25% discount if the order totals 50 or more individual maps if no other discount is applied.

Example: Pricing for a mixed order of 50 maps:

  • 25 maps of the same title = 50% discount
  • 23 maps of the same title = 40% discount
  • 2 maps with different titles = 25% discount

Book products are discounted at 25% with no quantity requirements.

These discounts only apply to USGS paper maps and book products and cannot be used for the purchase of any other USGS products.