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June 6, 2024 — Kīlauea Southwest Rift Zone eruption

Detailed Description

This reference map depicts the June 3, 2024, eruption along Kīlauea's Southwest Rift Zone. The lava flows are shown in pink, covering about 99 acres (40 hectares); this number represents a slight increase from that reported Monday, June 3, due to minor flow expansion in the hours following that morning's helicopter overflight. Since midday Monday, all four eruptive fissures—marked in yellow—have been inactive. The flows erupted from these fissures are extremely thin, with ground mapping suggesting that the vast majority of the lava is less than 1 meter (1 yard) thick. Therefore, the total erupted volume is estimated to have been between 100,000 and 400,000 cubic meters (26 million and 106 million gallons).


Public Domain.