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The start of 2022 Mauna Loa eruption

November 2022 (approx.)

Detailed Description

Panel A is a thermal image showing first observation of strong ‘lava glowing’ at Mauna Loa, time-stamped 11:36 p.m. HST on November 27, 2022. An example waveform from the array of sensors at the ‘Āinapō (AIND) field station is shown in panel B.  Coherency plots of wave velocities are shown in panel C and the direction of the computed eruption source compass direction, relative to the ‘Āinapō array, is shown in panel D. The colored dots in panels C and D represent incoherent signals (shown in light and dark blue) and coherent signals (shown in red, orange and yellow).  Times for panel B, C and D are expressed in Hawaii Standard Time (HST).  The black vertical line in panels C and D marks the early onset of the eruption at 11:23 p.m. HST. The grey vertical line shows the time when the thermal image in panel A was taken.  Both of the vertical lines mark times before changes in the acoustic processing because it takes about 2 minutes for sound to travel from the eruption vent to the ‘Āinapō array. 


Public Domain.