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Hydrologic Addressing Tool: Initial Release

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USGS Hydrography Community Call

Date: Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Presenter: Michael Tinker with U.S. Geological Survey

Topic: Hydrologic Addressing (HydroAdd) Tool: Initial Release


00:00 Opening

00:41 Introduction to HydroAdd web-based tool

09:18 HydroAdd DEMO

The Hydrography Addressing Tool (HydroAdd) is a web application built by the USGS that allows addressing (or linear referencing) of diverse external datasets to the National Hydrography Dataset (NHD). HydroAdd provides tools to allow users to migrate datasets that have been previously addressed to the NHD. As a web-based tool, HydroAdd allows multiple users to simultaneously work on addressing projects. This presentation will be a brief demonstration of the HydroAdd tool, with questions to follow.

The availability of this tool is only for Federal Users in its initial release. Because this tool collects your username and email, it must be approved by OMB as an information collection product. Until this approval is in place, it’s limited to Federal users. Please see OMB’s Paperwork Reduction Act link below


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