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PubTalk 3/2006 — The Great 1906 Earthquake

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Detailed Description

Lessons learned, lessons forgotten, and future directions in earthquake science

By Mary Lou Zoback, Seismologist (and Chair of the Steering Committee, 1906 Earthquake Centennial Alliance)

  • The 1906 California disaster taught us that--
    • the San Andreas Fault is a continuous feature extending nearly the length of the State
    • earthquakes are a recurring process, not random events
    • shaking is most intense on "made land"
    • much of the damage to buildings is related to construction style and quality
  • The elastic-rebound theory came from studies of the 1906 event--how is this theory used today in forecasting earthquakes?
  • Why, so long after 1906, do we still have--
    • so many unreinforced masonry buildings?
    • development sited on "made land" and soft ground?
  • New understanding and new technology promise a bright future for earthquake science-- breakthroughs are inevitable




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