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December 23, 2021

Markups will no longer be collected directly for NHDPlus HR, and markup collection and processing workflows have been redesigned to focus on source data improvements.

NHDPlus HR Markups

The Markup Application (Markup App) is a web-based tool that allows users to suggest edits, or “mark up”, the USGS Hydrography Datasets. Recent analysis of historical markups has shown that NHDPlus HR markups are best implemented in the source datasets (NHD and WBD).

What does this mean for users of the Markup App?

Starting on Monday, December 6th, 2021, the Markup App no longer collects NHDPlus HR markups. The “Select feature source” pane will contain NHD and WBD options only. Because it is a useful visual reference, you will still be able to view and query the attributes of the NHDPlus HR data using the Identify tool.

The NHDPlus HR markups that have already been received will be reviewed and, if needed, duplicated as source data markups. If you notice a potential improvement in the NHDPlus HR data, please submit a markup for the underlying source data (NHD or WBD) feature. If your suggestion does not fit into available options, use Issue Type = Comment Only. 

►Please contact Marcelle Caturia (Markup Product Owner) through the Markup Application (Markup App) Support Mailbox with any questions or to discuss your specific markup needs.

Changes to the NHDPlus HR markups tool. Read the description for more information
View of the changes to the NHDPlus HR markups tool. 



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